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online course
starts 1st October but it's self paced for all you busy women out there. 

Do you feel like you've lost your passion for life ?

Like you are on a hamster wheel,  juggling a zillion things and got the guilts and

really need to get your 'shit' together.

Let me teach you some tools to create a life you actually want to live 

and bring back ease, flow and fun. 


I created this course from seeing the same issues in clients time and time again. 

Stress, taking on too much, lack of self care & healthy daily habits, not being able to say 'no', all contribute to your body and mind being out of balance and can lead to disease (lack of ease!). 

The biggest obstacle is a lack of self love and self worth. 

I've heard all the excuses under the sun, so if you are ready to actually choose 'YOU' then come join me for a fun, real dive into creating your version of a 'choice' life. 


Presented by Noreen Macdonald from Natural Living. 

Noreen has had over 20 years experience in assisting people with their health. 

She is a Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Naturopath, Neuro-emotional Technique Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator and Aromatouch Practitioner. 

This course is your one stop shop for getting your health sorted in a way you've probably never had it before. 

You will learn effective tools that you can choose to use in order to create a 'choice' life - one with you at the top of the list, more time, organisation and happiness. 

This is about health on every level - your body, mind, emotions, family and even financial. 


In this course we will cover

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What's Included


Email with coching video of the week to watch in your own time. 

Weekly theme. 

PDF handouts for you to fill
out in your own time. 


Private Group

Weekly live coching

Top Tips for the week

Q & A



Optional as an extra 
add on. 

15 min Zoom
or 30 min Zoom 
once a week
for personal coaching
to take the course to
the next level. 


Option 1

Option 2

Add on

8 x $26 weekly payments

$200 for entire course

Optional add on

8 x $25 weekly payment

for 15 min one on one coaching call every week. 

8 x $50 weekly payment for

30 min coaching call every week. 

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It is an honour to have Noreen as my Life Coach. 
Being in her calming, supportive presence allows you to fully feel what is happening and occurring in your life on a deep soul and spiritual level. 
Her wisdom and grace supports you in discovering aspects of yourself that may have been hidden. 
Noreen works alongside you to be the best you can be in all areas of your life - mentally, physically, spiritually.
I could not recommend her more.  

Charlie D

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I want to join this awesome course to help me create a 'choice' life I want to live! 
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