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Stop Smoking

Thousands of people worldwide and in NZ have been helped to quit smoking for good using Bioresonance Therapy. 

Most well known for its effectiveness at clearing allergies, Bioresonance is also effective at clearing Nicotine. 


Nicotine has an electromagnetic charge in the body that maintains the craving to smoke. This is what causes people to have the craving to smoke. 

Bioresonance Therapy aims at cancelling out this electromagnetic charge in the body, in effect, cancelling out the signature of Nicotine in the body, which effectively reduces the cravings.

A stop smoking session includes :

1. Clinical Hypnotherapy Session to change your subconscious beliefs and get your mind to help to create the changes you do want. 

2. Bioresonance Therapy  - balancing the body, detoxification programs (to aid the elimination of toxins and Nicotine from the lungs and body), cancellation therapy of everything that is in the cigarette (including Nicotine) and programs for stress/shock. 

3. Detoxification advise - recommendations for supplements that aid further detoxification 

4. Lifestyle advise - how to live your life in a way that promotes success. 

5. Ongoing support - Noreen will phone the client within 24 hours and again 1 week after the stop smoking session. 


$390 which includes up to 2 treatments with Noreen (within 3 months of the initial appointment). 

99% people only need the first session. If the client is still struggling after a week, the cause is quite often underlying emotions that need to be resolved. 

In the second session Noreen uses Neuro-emotional technique (NET) to find out if there are old emotions stuck in the subconscious that need to be cleared to aid the person to stop smoking or second Hypnotherapy session. 


“We both were smoking over a pack a day, I really wanted to stop for health reasons, my partner (and I) for financial reasons also.  We met someone who recommended this treatment to us.  To be honest, it seemed a little unbelievable and unexplainable – but honestly, one session was all it took for both of us to never have the urge since to pick up a cigarette (it’s been over 9 months for us both now).  The session was relaxing, painless and felt really therapeutic.  It truly is freedom in one session!”

-Sandra and Jamie, Golden Bay

'Both my husband and I saw Noreen. For my husband it was like she had given him a lobotomy. He never ever looked back again. I found the mindset tools Noreen taught us to be so helpful and of course the machine. Noreen and her machine have helped us to start a new way of life. We can exercise now without coughing and just feel so good'.

- Libby and Rob, Nelson

Image by JJ Shev
Stop Smoking with Bioresonance Therapy

Stop Smoking with Bioresonance Therapy

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