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Bioresonance & Naturopathy

Bioresonance Therapy

All of the cells in our bodies communicate with each other on specific frequencies. Bicom Bioresonance Therapy, or BRT, works by ensuring those communication processes are unimpaired, giving your body its full function and its ability to heal itself.

Modern Biophysics has shown that cells resonate at certain frequencies and have radio-like transmitting and receiving properties. These cells inter-communicate and control biological and chemical systems in the body.

Healthy harmonic cells resonate at a very different frequency to that of unhealthy cells.

Physicists further discovered that by inverting the disharmonic frequency a neutralizing effect took place, freeing cells and organs of accumulated metabolic waste and toxins.

Bacteria, viruses, allergies, fungi, etc all obstruct and interfere with cell resonance .These severely hamper the absorption and metabolism of nutrients at a cellular level; which in turn promotes allergies, illness and disease.

Noreen can use the Bicom machine to inverse any of these strains in the body. The self-healing power of the body is activated and strengthened. The body can then gain control over its regulation and detoxification mechanisms which is vital for health.

The Bicom machine is helping many people around the world to regain control of their health.

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Bioresonance Introduction

Bioresonance Introduction

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The human body knows how to heal itself if it's given the right things for the individual. 

Noreen uses the Bicom machine and Kinesiology to accurately determine what these things are.

You may be referred for an Asyra Bio-energetic screening, which gives a comprehensive picture of your current energetic health status including areas where the body is depleted, out of balance and weak.

Every person is different, so not every prescription is exactly the same. 

It is important to determine if any specific foods are causing a reaction in the body, eliminate these using the Bicom machine and through dietary changes.


Specific homeo-botanicals and whole food supplements may be needed to assist organ function. Lifestyle factors are addressed as well as gut health, which is paramount for healing the body.

Noreen will guide you through your healing process and work to your needs.

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Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy

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