Client Testimonials

Bio-roma Massage 

My well-being is always well supported with Noreen's holistic approach in everything she does, but her bio-roma massage felt particularly luxurious. Noreen has always had a natural instinct in finding knotted muscles that need releasing. The added treatment of bioreasonance, aromatherapy and reflexology make the bio-roma massage a fully replenishing experience. She is able to run a programme (or few) whilst doing reflexology on your feet during which she can pinpoint areas of tension. Then she uses her magic and finds the exact spots that need attention and spends plenty of time working on them. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Highly recommend.

- Nadia, Nelson


I am pregnant and approached Noreen seeking help for chronic sneezing/sinus problems. I found her sessions helped me gain balance by pointing out foods I needed to be avoiding (primarily dairy), balancing my energy/emotions and getting me on a supplement regime that was right for me. The focus on supplements was of particular help with increasing my energy levels and often their sessions would pre-empt future events e.g. they prescribed me magnesium even though I wasn't experiencing much stress, but then the following week I went through a very stressful period with my grandmother going into hospital, and gained much benefit from the extra supplemental support. This advice has helped me maintain a good balance with my health throughout pregnancy and has helped me learn more about how to manage my body's needs. I would definitely recommend her service to others.

- Anne-Marie, Nelson


I just wanted to say thank you for your skills & attention whilst treating my daughter.

I sincerely hope that you may use my following comments as a testimonial to your unique work, and that it may encourage any person on  the brink of making a decision to apply your skills & knowledge to help them on their way to health.  


I say attention as the feeling I had when we left after our first appointment was one of finally being heard & importantly, my concerns being recognised and  understood.

Tula was experiencing a multiple of ongoing issues that comprised of Chronic Anxiety, UTIs, fatigue, headaches and a plethora of digestive issues, which climaxed in a case of urticaria in Jan 2015.

From the medical fraternity these symptoms had been treated as isolated cases even though they were repeat complaints.


The comment I’d like to make about the QRA work is that it “ joins the dots to reveal a complete picture “

As a loving and concerned Mum I had thought I’d made the best choices known to me at the time to help Tula, however it wasn’t until after seeing Noreen, I was able to see the complete picture of what my daughter was coping with.  I realised then  she had little hope of regaining health until her entire system was treated in a manner that supported her health holistically. The QRA method treats one in this way. The QRA method is thorough, gentle and respectful.


Tula’s treatment comprised of removing wheat & dairy from her diet, mud packing old scars and beginning a course of supplements.

Within three days of beginning this treatment Tula honestly began to “shine”, she had a hard to describe in words, but an effervescence about her.


She has been on her treatment plan for ten weeks now, she feels vibrant and responsive, is far less irritable and anxious, sleeps better and has just jumped up a level in her reading. 


My only regret is that I didn’t discover Noreen earlier. 

-Danielle, Nelson

Bioresonance Therapy

“Thanks, Noreen, for your helpful healing services, professional and intuitive use of the Bicom machine and other modalities you include. Highly recommended!”

-Stephanie, Nelson

Bioresonance Therapy, NET

"I've had the pleasure of receiving various treatments from Noreen, through her many healing modalities, for well over a year now.
In all that time, she has been a thoroughly professional, warm, direct and highly knowledgeable healing practitioner.
It is always a delight to spend time with her.
I wholeheartedly recommend seeing Noreen for holistic treatments on all 'levels', whatever your focus may be... physical, mental, emotional, and for working in the more subtle, purely energetic realms."

- Andrew, Nelson

Stop Smoking Clinic

“We both were smoking over a pack a day, I really wanted to stop for health reasons, my partner (and I) for financial reasons also.  We met someone who recommended this treatment to us.  To be honest, it seemed a little unbelievable and unexplainable – but honestly, one session was all it took for both of us to never have the urge since to pick up a cigarette (it’s been over 9 months for us both now).  The session was relaxing, painless and felt really therapeutic.  It truly is freedom in one session!”

-Sandra and Jamie, Golden Bay

'Both my husband and I saw Noreen. For my husband it was like she had given him a lobotomy. He never ever looked back again. I found the mindset tools Noreen taught us to be so helpful and of course the machine. Noreen and her machine have helped us to start a new way of life. We can exercise now without coughing and just feel so good'.

- Libby and Rob, Nelson

"We discovered Ruby's allergies when she was 2 years old. It took months to fully understand what she was actually  allergic to because she was reacting to almost everything from cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, oats, wheat, egg, dairy, hay fever and dust mite. 

We initially did kinesiology along side of our G.Ps recommendation of blood tests. Which concluded most of the allergins above apart from wheat, oats and dustmite. They recommended prebiotic, probiotics and of course steroid creams and anti histamine, which it felt like she lived on for nearly 2 years. We couldn't visit many of our friends due to them having indoor pets and anytime we stayed in a hotel she would react to dustmites so badly. As parents we were finding ourselves feeling anxious all the time..what if we meet a dog in the park? What if they have an indoor cat. We struggled with the idea that Ruby was going to have to live like this until she maybe, just maybe grew out of it! In a world full of modern medicine we were left with no other options. 


I first heard about Bioresonance Therapy a year ago when a friend's son had similar problems to Ruby. She had found a clinic in Auckland. Just after lockdown we were looking into taking a trip north to Auckland to visit that same clinic my friend went to but with Covid still at the forefront of our minds I decided to look closer to home and we found Noreen at Natural Living right on our doorstep. I was so relieved and excited.

So we made our first appointment around June 2020 where we worked our way through the long list of Ruby's (now 4 years old) allergies. Noreen was brilliant with her. We've had 6 - 7 sessions over the past 8 months and we have seen a huge improvement. After the 4th or 5th session Ruby was able to physically play with a puppy for the first time in 2 and a half years without any reaction, this was the same result when she encountered a cat that she spent time with at my grandparents. We've gone from being anxious parents with antihistamine at the ready at all of the time to not having to give her any for the past 6 months. 

She can now sleep without irritation from dust mite or internal irritation from food. She has a far better immune system and can now eat normally, where as before she would eat a sausage roll or a biscuit that wasnt gluten free and we would pay for it for the next 4 days. Ruby now has the freedom to enjoy a normal life with animals and food. 

We feel very fortunate to have discovered such an amazing therapy which has no limits to healing the body. I'd recommend it to everyone no matter what the illness. 

- Amy, Nelson