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Founders Park, Nelson, NZ

YIN/YANG YOGA with Nicola Gill

Tuesdays 9.15-10.30am

Yin Yang Flow combines the 2 styles of yoga into one practice, to help you achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. The 2 qualities yin and yang are present in everything, we cannot have one without the other, so for a balanced yoga practice we need to include both aspects. 

We cover breathing exercises (Pranayama), yin postures to focus and still the mind and body. Then move into yang postures, finishing with a blissful relaxation and closing meditation. 

$14 drop in or $120 (10 card pass valid for 6 months)


PREGNANCY YOGA with Jenny Ward

Tuesdays 5.30-6.30pm, Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm.

Open to all pregnant women who are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

The course starts out slowly and builds gently each week aiming to enhance your health and support you through the changes that occur during pregnancy.

During the 6 weeks we will focus on increasing strength and reducing tension as well as learning breathing techniques to help feel more confident about labour and birth. 

Each class will include breath work, yoga postures and short flowing sequences followed by relaxation.

To register please email

GENTLE FLOW with Maya Lefebvre

Thursdays 9.45-11am

Drop in, tune in and gently move your body with the tune of the breath. A gentle yoga session will progress at a slow and steady pace. Asanas are primarily floor based with some reclined and sometimes standing poses, keeping the focus of the practice breath centered. Open to all levels.

All enquiries to

YIN YOGA with Kimberley Bortnick

Sundays 4-5.30pm 

Yin yoga works on the “Yin” or the relatively stiff connective tissue in the body, (tendons, ligament, fascia). This tissue requires time to release/open and responds best to slow, steady stress. Therefore, a Yin class consists of longer held, passive floor poses that involve the lower (Yin) part of the body; hips, sacrum, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine. Props are used to support/encourage stillness.
Different Yin poses stimulate and remove blockages in the myofacial meridians in the body, balancing internal organs and systems. This all practiced to lovely, calming music.

$13 if paid in advance, $15 drop-in. Cash only

MOBILE: 0226467205

No class on March 22nd. 

YOGA FOR ALL with Emily Whinney

Wednesdays 9.30-10.45am


A Hatha based yoga practise for 'every'  'body'.  Whatever your age and stage in life or yoga this class is aimed to keep your spine flexible and your body connected and aligned.  A perfect class for those who may be coming back after a break from yoga, starting off or those wanting more awareness in their practise.  With emphasis on working with your body where it is right now - feel confident in your body, helping keep it supple and engaged.  Emily includes breath & relaxation techniques and with her encouraging, understanding manner will help you feel revived in body, mind and spirit.

Ph: 021 1066150

PILATES with Gabrielle Huygens

Fridays 9-10am

10.30-11.30am (beginner's)

8 week course (during school term)
Gabrielle is a physiotherapist and has specialised in Pilates based exercises over the past 10 years, including “Clinical Pilates” for rehabilitation from injury as well as training in various types of studio equipment.   

This class focuses on specific techniques to make movements safe, effortless and enjoyable.  The classes are excellent for people wanting to improve their “ease of movement” and muscle balance, or if recovering from back pain or hip and shoulder injuries.  We will cover specific core strengthening of abdominal/gluteal and shoulder girdle muscles, plus mobility/control exercises.’  

$96 or causal $15/class. Ph: 027 657  8294.

EVENING FLOW with Maya Lefebvre

Mondays 5.45pm-7pm

This class blends physical postures along with internal alignment awareness to prepare for a restful evening. 

A full 75 min session to guide you softly through the practice.

Whatever shape you find yourself into as you come in, physical, mental or emotional, will be your playground to move into and explore beyond your beliefs.

All levels welcome as we mix and match in harmony with the group and the environment.

Casual class drop-in $15, and discounted class passes available.

For more info, contact Maya at


Thursdays, 6.30pm - 7.45pm

15 October - 12 November, 2020

Cost: $80.00 | Limited to 12 students

Over five weeks, you will learn a gentle 50 minute yoga sequence that is designed to lovingly twist and squeeze and stretch your beautiful body so that it releases toxins and you feel great. We will begin each class with centering and end with relaxing. Your body will be so happy to be nurtured and you'll have a sequence you can continue to practice at home, after the course is done. 

Your tutor is Lisa Allan. Lisa has been teaching yoga for 17 years and draws on many beautiful styles and traditions to bring you this special sequence. 

For more information check out or get in touch with Lisa to enquire or book directly at There is a maximum of 12 people for this course. 

'Look after the root of the tree, and the fragrant flower and luscious fruits will grow by themselves. Look after the health of the body, and the fragrance of the mind and richness of the spirit will follow.' - BKS Iyengar

Image by Sharon Pittaway


Time/Day: 7-8.30pm Wednesdays

When: 4th November – 9th December

Cost: $15 Casual/$80 full six weeks


There are many things we can do aid in the rebalancing of our chakras, and many of these can be explored through mindfulness. It is the balanced aspects of these chakras we will be exploring bringing into our life.


This is a six week course. You can sign up for the full six weeks ($80) or join us on a casual basis ($15 per night). We will dedicate two weeks per energy centre/chakra to explore each chakra and possible ways of rebalancing through a mindful perspective.

Each week will consist of:

  • A brief discussion of the energy centre

  • An activity/exercise

  • A guided meditation



Register with Crysal at or 0272576096.

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