Our classes are held in our beautiful Natural Living Yoga Studio at Founders Heritage Park.

Our teachers are all experienced and are truly passionate about yoga and pilates.  All levels from beginners to advanced.


Mums n Bubs 10.30-11.30am

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kundalini Yoga 6.30-8am 6.30-8am
Yin Yang Yoga 9.15-10.30am
Pilates 9.30-10.30am
Gentle Yoga 9.45-11am
Mums n Bubs 10.45-11.45am
Pregnancy Yoga 5.45-6.45pm  5.30-6.30pm
Slow Yoga 5.30-7pm
Hatha Flow 6-7.30pm  7.15-8.15pm 7-8pm





Please see below for more details on start dates for 2018. 

Pregnancy Yoga Expectant Mother Meditating

with Jenny Ward, starting 23rd January.

This beautiful and beneficial course is open to all pregnant women who are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

The course starts out slowly and builds gently each week aiming to enhance your health and well being and support you through the changes that occur during pregnancy.

During the 6 weeks we will focus on increasing strength and reducing tension as well as learning breathing techniques to help feel more confident about labour and birth. You will have the opportunity each week to connect with your breath and your baby, allowing a deeper  connection to both.

Each class will include breath work, yoga postures and short flowing sequences followed by relaxation.

To register please email jennyward76@hotmail.com

Hatha Flow yoga

with Sarah Turner (Tuesday and Wednesday) classes have started for 2018, spaces available.

8 Week course $64 or casual $10: Phone: 027 4351 685

This Hatha Flow class has been designed to relax the mind, connect the breath to movement, and increase the flexibility and strength of the body. The class provides a combination of flowing sequences and held postures with an emphasis on postures that strengthen and tones muscles, calm the mind and elevate your mood. The class is suitable for all levels of yoga, with beginners welcome

Slow Yoga

with Vikki Wilkinson starting Feb 1st. Class limited to 6 students only.

Thursdays 5.30-7pm.  6 week course. $60

Contact Vikki at bipicturenz@gmail.com for all enquiries about upcoming courses.

Grounded in the ancient Vedic style of Satyananda Yoga, Slow Yoga combines the
5000 year old wisdom of the sages with cutting edge neuroscience and yogic psychology to create a unique blend of practices to fit our busy modern lives. A fusion of physical (asana), energetic (pranayama) and mental/emotional (mindfulness/meditation)
techniques that improve strength and flexibility, whilst also stabilising emotional patterns.


Pilates Mobility and Stabilitypilates2

with Gabrielle starting 9th Feb

8 week course
$96 or causal $15/class. Ph: 027 657  8294.

‘I am a physiotherapist and have specialised in Pilates based exercises over the past 10 years, including “Clinical Pilates” for rehabilitation from injury as well as training in various types of studio equipment.  I have always been interested in different approaches to improving posture and muscle balance, including Qigong and yoga.  I prefer to focus on specific technique to make movements safe, effortless and enjoyable.  The classes are excellent for people wanting to improve their “ease of movement” and muscle balance, or if recovering from back pain or hip and shoulder injuries.  The classes will cover specific core strengthening of abdominal/gluteal and shoulder girdle muscles, plus mobility/control exercises.’  Gabrielle Huygens.

Pilates with Emily Rose

Classes have commenced for 2018.

Gentle Yoga 

with Maya Lefebvre, classes have commenced for 2018.

Drop in, tune in and gently move your body with the tune of the breath. A gentle yoga session will progress at a slow and steady pace. Asanas are primarily floor based with some reclined and sometimes standing poses, keeping the focus of the practice breath centered’. Open to all levels.

All enquiries to  www.facebook.com/yoga.nelson.nz

Mums n Bubs

with Julie Stephens starting January 16th.

Yin Yang Yoga

with Nicola Gill, classes have commenced for 2018.