stop smoking clinic

We have a unique way of helping people to stop smoking with a 70% success rate with a maximum of 3 treatments.smoking

We use a combination of Bioresonance Therapy, lifestyle changes and breathing techniques.

Bioresonance Therapy

Using the latest Bicom Optima + machine and its unique stop smoking treatment we cancel out the effect of nicotine in the body.
Nicotine has an electromagnetic charge in the body that maintains the craving to smoke. When you stop smoking this can remain and may continue to cause you to crave a cigarette, making it difficult to stop. The Bioresonance Stop Smoking Treatment is designed to cancel out this electromagnetic charge so that it no longer has a hold over your body and this effectively reduces the cravings. It also helps the nicotine to be easily eliminated and stimulates the detoxification of the other chemicals that are in cigarette smoke.

Lifestyle Changes
Noreen will advise you on some easy lifestyle changes that will help to assist making your stop smoking successful.

These may Bicom machine 2include dietary advice on alkalising your body, detoxifying the body and whole food supplements, herbs and oils that may assist this process.

Noreen is a qualified yoga teacher and will teach you how to breathe correctly to aid detoxification of the lungs and also to decrease the stress response in the body.

Most people respond very well to 1 treatment, however up to 3 treatments over a 2 month period are included in the price. Investment $390.

To book an appointment or for more information please contact Noreen at The Loveday Clinic
on (03) 548 0998