Do you want to get to the real underlying causes of your ill health or disease?

If so keep reading…

Noreen is a qualified Naturopath, Bioresonance Therapist and advocate of Wholefoods and Wholefood supplementation.

She understands that what may cause ill health in you is NOT the same as another person with the same disease state. We treat YOU, not the DISEASE itself.

Using a German made Bicom machine and Kinesiology, she is able to detect what is out of balance in YOUR body and treat it.

This may include:

1. Allergies – to specific foods, inhaled allergies or skin contact allergens.
2. Immune compromise- bacterial, viral, parasitic of fungal overgrowth (these can be undetected in the organs of the body, adversely affecting health).
3. Chemical sensitivities – to industrial, personal care products, cleaning products, etc.
4. Heavy metal toxicity – these metals can accumulate in the body causing disruption to the organs.
5. Nutritional Deficiencies – perhaps you are missing a key vitamin or mineral causing an organ to not function optimally.
6. Geopathic Stress – the energies within the earth, underground water lines, electromagnetic radiation can all affect our health adversely.
7. Scars/Piercings/Tattoos – these can cause an ‘interference field’ in the body, disrupting the normal flow of energy in the body’s meridians (energy channels associated with the body’s organs). Eg: C-section scars, episiotomy, vaccination, lacerations.
8. Emotional – subconscious emotions can block our ability to heal.
9. Teeth – mercury fillings, latent infections can all adversely affect our body’s health.

As you can see the list is long. Wouldn’t you like to KNOW what is affecting your health?
In addition to treatment with the Bicom machine, she then finds out what remedies may help to bring you back into balance. These may range from Wholefood Supplements, Food/Superfoods, Wholefood derived nutra-ceuticals, Herbal Medicine.

For more information on what supplements Noreen uses click here.

Initial consultation – $140 (90mins)    Repeat consultation $85

To make a booking please phone the Loveday Clinic on 548 0998.