our team

Our Team

Noreen Macdonald – Owner/Teacher


Noreen Macdonald is the owner of Natural Living. She has immersed herself in alternative therapies for over 20 years. Her journey into this field was brought about by a skin condition – eczema, which she had since a baby. After years of seeing dermatologists and applying corticosteroid creams, she then developed asthma and other allergies. It was at that time that she begun looking at possible alternatives to treat her disease.

This led her to the study of natural medicine (naturopathy). She completed a Diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy which gave her a completely different approach to viewing the body, health and her disease.

This is also when she started practicing yoga. She completed 200hrs of Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training with Nicky Knoff in Cairns, Australia and completed Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga     Teacher Training with Baby Bliss Yoga in 2014.  She has studied Bowen therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, Reiki and various other modalities.

Noreen completed Level 1 and 2 of  Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) – an accurate form of muscle testing. This is what she now uses when seeing clients, enabling her to accurately assess a person’s body and test for individual supplement programs.

She is a qualified Bioresonance Therapist and has purchased the newest model the Bicom Optima Plus for use in the her clinic.
Noreen also uses Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) in her practice to address underlying emotions that are affecting the physical body.

In her clinic, Noreen combines all of her modalities, which enables her to assess her clients in a truly unique way.

She also has a passion for the environment and sustainable living, completing a Permaculture course and also gaining a Certificate in Applied Organics and Biodynamics. She is currently studying David Wolfe’s Ultimate Raw Nutrition Program.

A busy mum, she tries to keep it all in balance through natural living and yoga!

‘I believe that for people to have true health, we need to approach health on every level – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial. We all have the ability to improve our lives. It is my goal to aid people in this process, to use the skill set that I have to guide them to greater health and wellbeing, in every aspect of their life.


Gabrielle Huygens – Pilates Teacher

Gabrielle Huygens has enjoyed working as a physiotherapist for 25+ years. In the last 10 years she has specialised in Pilates based exercises  gabrielleincluding “Clinical Pilates”  for rehabilitation as well as various studio equipment options (Reformer/Trap table/Wunda chair). She also has learnt a lot from systems such as  Feldenkrais , Primitive Reflex Patterns, and the  Milicich Method
( Move like a Child), which all help us to reduce excess muscle tension and ‘relearn’ natural movement patterns.

As a physio Gabrielle is most interested in structural anatomy, muscle balance, neural mobility and myofascial techniques.  She prefers to focus on correct technique for exercises to make any movement  safe,  effortless and enjoyable.

Gabrielle has always been interested in different approaches to improving posture and muscle balance, especially those that have stood the test of time and are holistic such as Qigong and yoga.
Gabrielle  has a special interest in Chinese medicine and exercise methods and is an Associate Instructor in the Universal


Sarah Turner – Hatha Flow Teacher

sarah turnerSarah Turner recently completed her 200hrs of Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training at the    Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico. She is a passionate yogi who loves how the practice of yoga not only improves flexibility and strength but calms the mind and nourishes the soul. She believes that correct alignment is essential to prevent injury however people’s expression of a pose can be different. It’s important to listening to your body, what it needs, and go with the flow. Sarah’s classes aim to provide a kind and uplifting space where students can come to experience the joy that is yoga.






jennyJenny Ward – Pregnancy Yoga

As cliched as it may seem my first experience of yoga happened on a rooftop in Bodhgaya, India, around 20 years ago and I was astounded how it made me feel.
I fell in love with yoga and completed both the Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training Certificates with the Sivananda Yoga Association in 2002, in Canada, accumulating 400 hours training.

In 2009 I completed another 40 hours training in Pregnancy Yoga, I have been teaching it ever since and absolutely love it!

I have a true passion for Pregnancy Yoga and am dedicated to passing on my knowledge and expertise. I have experienced first hand how much it can help during pregnancy, labor, and birth.  I attribute my long yoga and meditation practice in laying the foundation for me to have two natural home births.

Since having my children my yoga practice has sometimes had to take a back seat, but I know yoga lives in me, heart and soul.  My experience is that the practice of yoga leads to a more healthy, happy and joyful life bringing inner peace, clarity and a better understanding of one’s self.

My classes are structured with an emphasis on breath work synchronized with flowing movement to open the body and create space for the changes that occur during this incredible time. I also cover pelvic floor awareness and proper relaxation, both invaluable tools to take away leading up to birth and beyond.

Maya Lefebvremaya

Maya has been practicing yoga and curious about body mind connection for quite some time…

Yet it took a brutal cancer diagnosis to reveal the true might of yoga. Willing to take an active part in her own healing Maya tapped into all limbs of yoga while undergoing chemo, radiation and years of treatment. Crediting yoga for an amazing recovery she pursued and deepened her practice learning with a wide range of teachers from various lineages.

Fascinated by the extensive application of yoga and drawing inspiration from all walks of life, Maya likes to be guided by the flavor of the moment, ever changing, ever learning, ever evolving…




Nicola Gill

nicola gill

Nicola is a new addition to the Nelson well-being community having relocated from Liverpool, Uk. Her passion is to share with others her intimate knowledge of yin-yang yoga.
Having practiced for over 12 yrs, trained with yogacharya P.R  Mohanan  completeing teacher training under International Shiva yoga centre and taught for the last 3 yrs.
Nicola’s philosophy is “yoga for health, wellness & personal growth”.

Kimberly Bortnickkimberly

Yoga is a process, a life-long apprenticeship which I have been practicing for 22 years. Yin yoga has taught me the importance of slowing down in everything I do. It helps to cultivate an environment of awareness and stillness; no thinking, just FEELING, no doing, just BEING. Slowing down on and off the mat we fall into a more natural rhythm with our bodies and lives. I integrate this concept into my Yin classes as well as philosophy from the Yoga Sutras and the Eight Limb Path.

I am a Registered Nurse who feels laughter is good medicine and encourage it in class!
“Laugh a lot and when you are older all the wrinkles will be in the right places”